NIW (National Interest Waiver)

The National Interest Waiver immigrant petition allows foreign nationals to waive the job requirement, which is the labor certification, through the EB-2 employment-based permanent residence category. 

General Requirements of National Interest Waiver:

In order to qualify for the National Interest Waiver, the foreign applicants need to have an “advanced degree” or “exceptional ability” in the sciences, arts or business, and meet the following three requirements: 

  1. The proposed employment is in an area of substantial intrinsic merit;
  2. The proposed impact of the employment should be national in scope (i.e., beneficial to the entire nation);
  3. Waiver the labor certification requirement would benefit the national interests of the United States.

Our Services Provided:
Our professional team will evaluate your credentials to determine the right strategy for your case, effectively communicate with you to learn your goals and concerns, and guide you through the whole process. We will help you prepare the necessary documents, present your case to USCIS to establish your eligibility, and make necessary follow-up with USCIS regarding your case status. You can send us your CV or Resume through email for a free evaluation.